VR STRIP GIRLZ - Comedy Prank Video

A lot of my friends come over and demo virtual reality content on my DK2. I show them games, movies, and leap motion integration. Minds are always blown, but invariably the question comes up... Are they making porn for this thing?

The answer is yes. Like VHS and the Internet, new technologies are immediately adopted and driven by the porn industry. With such a high demand and so little content available, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and make a "VR viral video".

VR STRIP GIRLZ is a 3D Virtual Reality video. Shot on a cobbled together homemade VR, the video features a beautiful girl stripping for you. The catch? Just when you think she's going to remove the final piece of clothing she transforms into a large man. To your horror he continues the strip tease and gives you a lapdance.

I made it to play a prank on my friends when they ask about VR porn. I tell them "Yeah, check this out" and then watch (and shoot) their reaction when she transforms. Maybe one day I'll post the reaction videos :)

VR STRIP GIRLZ was posted to various internet forums and websites under the guise of a "Brand New VR Porn Company" with a "Free Demo Video". Hungry for content, downloads streamed in.

You can download the video and prank your friends too --https://mega.nz/#!xR0iGCjT!C4yI8msgPr5FE2xmyZf_DVS0-GlMoT3BHLeE7xHGt4o

Alternate Download Link --https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByHbLodU0R4bdE5KZEUtcjBfcDQ/view?usp=sharing

If you're viewing on GearVR, you can sideload onto your Samsung phone and view in SamsungVR. You'll need to tap the projection settings a few times until you find the right one for 3D 180 side by side. You'll need to rename the file name to end with "_180x180_squished_3dh.mp4" to get it to play with the automatic player settings on GearVR.

UPDATE: LiveViewRift is no longer available for CV1 or Vive. I suggest using something simple like Deo Player or Whirligig.

For more questions about this project or possible collaborations please email me -- lexhalaby@gmail.com