KCRW & Death Cab For Cutie

I recently built an eight camera 3D 360x180 rig for KCRW to use for a special Death Cab For Cutie performance on Morning Becomes Eclectic. The rig was based on a design I had been developing and testing with modified GoPros to take wide angle lenses (I did open heart surgery on eight GoPros with only one dying on me, not bad for an amateur surgeon).

Using AutoCAD I designed the layers of the rig and laser cut them out of acrylic. When assembled the rig mounts and unmounts very easily, allowing you to have access to all camera functions without depending on an app. It's very lightweight and attaches to nearly any piece of camera support.

It was incredibly freeing to shoot with a 360 3D camera. I prepped thoroughly and shot an insane amount of tests with a two week turnaround. The shoot went amazingly and the 3D looks awesome no matter where you look.  Very happy with this one and can't wait to share when it's released.

I'll post a link to download the app and experience as soon as it's available. In the meantime below are some process pics --