Coca-Cola Experience starring Latin popstar Maluma

A groundbreaking 360 interactive video I directed for Coca-Cola and Ogilvy, starring world famous Latin pop artist - Maluma. The video puts you in the shoes of a Maluma concert-goer as you dance with friends and make your way backstage to meet Maluma face to face.

The experiences combines high resolution 360 video, webcam footage, and dynamic binaural audio to transport the viewer. The finished web experience pulls in the user's live webcam image using cutting edge tracking technology to seamlessly blend them into the story on the concert big screens and backstage when taking a picture with Maluma. We built a VR video player from the ground up that could instantly switch between traditional cinematic POV and interactive 360 POV. This allowed us to control when the user could explore and when they could just sit back and enjoy the narrative.

You can watch my walkthrough of the experience or you can watch the behind-the-scenes teaser.