Snapchat - "Spectacles 3" (Director)

I was approached by SNAP to create some new visuals for the release of Spectacles 3. Using the 3D cameras built into the sunglasses, I ran around LA for three days shooting POV “magic moments” using their stereo photo and AR lens modes. I processed the footage in app to create many of the shots in their announcement video and subsequent comms.

Star Wars - "Scoring The Last Jedi" (Producer)

I was honored to Produce and Edit the official Star Wars 360 experience to celebrate legendary composer John Williams. Weaving together 360 footage from the set of The Last Jedi and scoring sessions with the master himself, the project truly captured my love for his work.

Google Daydream - "Escape The Night VR" (Director)

Starring YouTube's biggest creators, the promo centers on a series of "frozen moments" that seamlessly blending together live action and CGI objects. Shot entirely from a motion control crane, the spot allows the viewer to float through a gravity defying dream world.

Netflix - "Game Over, Man" (Director)

A hilarious VR experience that puts you in the middle of Netflix's new action movie starring Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, and Blake Anderson of Workaholics fame. Basically Die Hard in a hotel, but instead of pulling a Bruce Willis the guys decide to play it safe and smoke Salvia in a room rather than take on the bad guys. The action takes place all around them as they struggle to do simple tasks.

Coca-Cola - "Eyes Closed" (Director)

A groundbreaking 360 interactive video built for Coca-Cola and Ogilvy, starring world famous Latin pop artist - Maluma. The video puts you in the shoes of a Maluma concert-goer as you dance with friends and make your way backstage to meet Maluma face to face. Using webcam tracking technology you see yourself composited throughout the interactive in real time as it transitions between traditional POV and 360 POV. 

Warner Brothers - "IT" (Director)

A cinematic experience for Stephen King's iconic movie remake. Shot on location in Toronto with the cast and crew, the piece takes you into the depths of the tunnels of Derry and face to face with the unimaginable horrors of  the iconic clown Pennywise.

Buzz Aldrin "Cycling Pathways to Mars" (Creative Director / Writer)

A fully game engine based experience build in Unity. A holographic video capture of legendary Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin takes you through his vision for a manned mission to Mars. From the Moon to Mars, the photoreal environments come to life as you travel across our solar system.

Disney + Funny or Die - "Beauty and the Beast" (Director)

Starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, the comedic VR experience tied into the live action release of 'Beauty and the Beast'. The two stars tell us about their experience working on the movie but nonstop distractions and interruptions cause the interview to quickly go off the rails.

Wish Upon VR (Director)

Made in support of Broad Green's movie "Wish Upon", the cinematic interactive VR allows you to make a wish and experience the horrific consequences of your choice. Starring the movie's stars Joey King, Shannon Purser, and Sydney Park.

Funny Or Die - "Interrogation" (Director)

Funny Or Die's first ever VR video, a 360 3D sketch "Interrogation" starring Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel. It was showcased at a special invite only screening at Sundance.

Warner Brothers - "Keanu VR" (Co-Director / DP)

Co-directed a VR short for Warner Brother's home video release of the Key & Peele movie Keanu. Currently at 4.2 million views on Facebook, the most successful Warner Brother's home video viral in their department's history.

"Tiny Hands: The Donald Trump Experience" (Director/Producer)

Go inside Donald Trump's head on the night of the big debate. A 360 3D experience where YOU are Donald Trump and your small ineffectual childlike hands make you  prone to temper tantrums.

Warner Bros - "The Conjuring 2" (Live Action VR Director)

The Conjuring 2 VR Experience hosted by director James Wan, the experience combines detailed set scans with live action actors from the hit horror film.

A&E - "Wahlburgers VR" (Director)

A virtual tour with Donnie and Paul Wahlberg of the world famous Wahlburgers flagship restaurant in Boston. The shooting of the experience was the main storyline in the premiere episode of Season 7 on A&E.

Budweiser - "4D Beer Garage" (Director / DP)

A virtual tour of the world famous Budweiser plant in St Louis, Missouri. Premiering at SXSW, visitors to the Beer Garage were able to watch the experience while getting the smells, tastes, and temperatures of the plant.

LinkedIn - "The Way In" (Director)

A three part 360 series that focuses on employees' breaking in stories at companies across Europe. Explore the creative spaces and learn the inner workings of companies such as Hugo Boss, Asos, Nike, and LinkedIn.

Ford - "WRX with Ken Block" (DP)

Originally launched on the Ford VR App, the experience puts you on the track and in the race card with world famous WRX racer Ken Block. 

Pike Electric - "Making Poles Safe" (Creative Director / Producer / Writer)

A volumetric video experience using 8i's technology with branching dialogue based on problem solving game mechanics. Built entirely in Unity, the experience breaks ground at the intersection of live action VR and room scale gaming.

YouTube Rewind 2016 (Director / Producer)

Three 360 video easter eggs hidden throughout YouTube Rewind's yearly video featuring the biggest stars pf YouTube that year.

Warner Bros - "The Conjuring 2: Enfield" (Live Action VR Director)

The second installment of The Conjuring 2 VR experiences, Enfield takes you through the twists and turns of the famed horror house in an elaborate maze of hallways and rooms.

The VR Report - 10 Episodes (Director / Producer / Creator)

Created and Directed an original 10 episode VR talk show series featuring the biggest and brightest minds in the VR space. Hosted by David Oh, you're transported to a virtual studio where you sit in on a round table discussion of the hottest topics and developments in 3D 360.

Tan Wei Wei "Blah" Music Video (Director / DP)

A VFX heavy music video for China pop sensation Tan Wei Wei. The video features multiple versions of Tan Wei Wei's performance as it transforms a barren landscape in surreal cycles of birth and decay.

Facebook & Oculus - "VR For Good" (Mentor)

Selected as a "VR For Good" mentor to budding 360 filmmakers at high schools in the Bay Area. Taught and judged the projects for Oculus' program.

KCRW's VR Department - "Death Cab For Cutie" (Director / Consultant)

Trained the staff of the legendary radio station in VR workflow, designed and built a 3D 360 camera to capture their live in studio performances, and directed and edited the pilot episode with the legendary indie band "Death Cab For Cutie". 

Beats x Apple - "Odd Future / Tyler The Creator" (Director / DP)

A branded piece for the Beats that captured the backstage and onstage performances of Odd Future at their record release show in Hollywood.

The Dolan Twins VR - 3 Episodes (Director)

A three episode series for social media superstars "The Dolan Twins" that chronicles their comedic hi jinx along their nationwide tour.

Blue Diamond Almonds (DP)

The experience puts you inside Olympian Matt Grevers body as he trains for a swim meet. The spot featured never before done complex 360 tracking shots above and below water, as well as walking full body POV.

Hulu + Live Nation - "On Stage: Lil Wayne" (DP)

An original docu series for Hulu VR and Live Nation that focuses on a different musical artist each episode. This episode chronicles Lil Wayne's love of skateboarding and his home grown roots in New Orleans, culminating in a huge multi cam live concert event.

Hulu + Live Nation - "On Stage: Major Lazer" (DP)

An original docu series for Hulu VR and Live Nation that focuses on a different musical artist each episode. This episode follows Major Lazer along their trip to Kingston, Jamaica. They take us around the city for a history less on dub, as well as three song set of their live show captured from every vantage point.

ASCAPE - "You Are Here: San Francisco" (Director / DP)

Pilot episode for a travel show about the hidden gems of cities. In this episode our local host takes us to places beyond the tourist attractions.