VR CAMERA - Available For Rent

After shooting with a many VR  rigs the past year I decided to build my very own custom setup that combines the best of all worlds. I'm currently using it for my own projects, but also renting it out to other productions.

If you have questions or interested in renting contact me at -- lexhalaby@gmail.com

So why is this camera system better than most rigs available to rent?

First off, it can shoot either 360 stereo or mono. It's totally up to you and how you use the rig. In fact you can shoot both at the same time and decide later if you want.

NO MINIMUM DISTANCE - It uses eight GoPros with modified ultra wide angle lenses, each with a field of view of 180+ degrees. This means there's virtually NO MINIMUM distance a subject can get to camera. I've put objects just inches away and they maintain perfect stereoscopy while viewing. This is a huge advantage over stock GoPro systems. You can get in very tight spaces and never have to worry that your footage is unusable.

TRUE OPTICAL STEREO - There's been a few camera systems that claim to be stereo, but are actually post-processed stereo. This is similar to going to see a 3D movie that's been converted to 3D rather than shot in 3D. This camera actually shoots true optical stereo by using left and right eyes, giving the final image much more depth and a truer sense of immersion.

NO BLIND SPOT - Because the lenses shoot 180+ degrees horizontally and vertically it means there's no "black circle" under the viewer. You can look straight up and straight down without ever breaking immersion.

NO HORIZONTAL STITCHES - Many other rigs configure GoPros in all directions, causing stitch lines to criss-cross through your subjects. Not with this camera. Because of the 180+ lenses your subject can walk from the horizon all the way up to inches from camera and never once walk through a stitch or seam. Plus with only four stereo pairs it means only four stitches in your post workflow. Which brings me to...

90 DEGREE STITCH OVERLAP - There's so much overlap between cameras the stitching process has plenty to work with. In fact you can literally move the stitch line along with your subject. If you render out multiple stitch positions you can jump cut the stitch across your subject so they NEVER WALK THROUGH A STITCH. Almost no other camera system can do this because they typically have small overlap and force you to set your stitches in one place.

ACCESSORIES, ACCESSORIES, ACCESSORIES - The camera rents with an extra GoPro with touchback LCD for live monitoring on set and choosing camera settings. In addition to the standard GoPro batteries it also comes with four Anker 10000mAh, each with dual USB inputs, allowing you to run and gun without worrying about battery charge. It also comes with a 10 port USB hub if you want to run wall power. I have a whole slew of adapters packed, including an 18 inch Ultralight arm with balljoints, babypin adapters, and light stand adapters. I even include a lightstand with low imprint and shot bag with every rental. However you need it mounted, it's packed in this case. Lastly, it comes with 8x 64GB cards and 8x 32GB cards, allowing over 3 hours of record time without downloading.

SHIPPING AVAILABLE - The whole rig is neatly packed in a Pelican case and can ship anywhere in the USA. It's fairly lightweight and works well for run and gun scenarios too.

TECH - The camera can rent with or without a tech. If you have experience in 360 production, the camera setup is easy enough to manage and relatively fool proof. If you aren't familiar with 360 production or don't know much about GoPro settings then I suggest you have a Tech with you on set. I can recommend people or come out myself if available.

RATE - Email me to discuss rate. I'm very flexible and know a lot of people are just getting into the game and may not have the big budgets yet. I'm confident we can find a rate much less than the standard rental houses are charging for inferior rigs.

I look forward to hearing from you - lexhalaby@gmail.com